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Cruises to Bermuda. So Close, Yet Worlds Away.

Sail from Boston on the newly renovated Norwegian Pearl. Have three whole days to explore this little paradise. We'll dock at Royal Naval Dockyard, giving you the freedom to explore the beaches, golf courses, restaurants, shops and historic monuments at your leisure. Come back aboard and get a massage, drop by the casino, eat late and dance all night. It's all good, because with Norwegian you're free to vacation on your schedule, not ours.

Pre-Cruise Optional

Private Investigation of the USS Salem

$xx per person

COMING SOON... we'll be offering a special pre-cruise investigation of the USS Salem. Sam will be leading this tour along with our other guest speakers. We'll be departing from the pre-cruise hotel on November 10, 2022. Keep an eye out for more information soon.


Private Shore Excursion in Bermuda INCLUDED

Join Dave, Sam and Dana

Exclusive Private Group shore excursion to St. George's

On Sunday, We'll depart at 8:30am from ship and tour the island of Bermuda on our way to the town of St. George's on the East End. We'll take a stroll through Bermuda history at Ft. St. Catherine. Then we'll be off to visit explore the "Unfinished Church" with it's own unique history. We'll end in King's Square and Ordnance Island, where witches of Bermuda were hung. 

Then it's time for lunch and drinks at the White Horse Pub & Restaurant. Choose from a wide selection of seafood and pub favorites. 

Post-Cruise Optional Excursion

Wicked Salem: Exploring Lingering Lore and Legends 

led by Sam Baltrusis

$xx per person

It’s no surprise that the historic Massachusetts seaport’s history is checkered with violence and heinous crimes. Originally called Naumkeag, Salem means “peace.” However, as its historical legacy dictates, the city was anything but peaceful during the late seventeenth century. Did the reputed Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo, strike in Salem? Evidence supports the possibility of a copy-cat murder. From the recently pinpointed gallows where innocents were hanged for witchcraft to the murder house on Essex Street where Capt. Joseph White was bludgeoned to death and then stabbed thirteen times in the heart, Sam Baltrusis explores the ghost lore and the people behind the tragic events that turned the “Witch City” into a hot spot that has become synonymous with witches, rakes, and rogues.


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